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From The Ashes


Welcome Back!! After a very long hiatus, Nova Imperium has returned.  The Leadership has dedicated itself to rebuilding our beloved Guild into the awesome place for friends to gather once again.  A good amount of time has passed and an influx of new and old will help to bring Nova Imperium back to its' illustrious past.  With this new rebuilding effort, we encourage all of our members to help recruit players that are looking to learn, encourage, assist, and maintain a friendly environment as we rebuild.  We will take a casual approach to our excursions with zero pressure to be the top ranked Guild.  We will get there again in time.  But for now, Let's just have fun!!  We look forward to see some of the old guard as well as the new recruits in game and on the forums.  

Even Superman has to be Clark Kent sometimes

I'm in.  I've been patiently waiting on you guys  :)

"Dancing with a lightsaber is a good way to lose weight"

Ghouls!  welcome back :D


Whoot!!!!!  Thanks for keeping a watch on the KittyWagon Nev.  And as such you were awarded the Guild Lead Status. Awesome!!!  See you guys in game soon

Even Superman has to be Clark Kent sometimes

ha it'll be good not to be the only person online at times anymore. this should be fun,


So literally the same week I unsub you all decide to rez each other Operative style.... Welp.. like I said if people want to do something HM, I have no problem resubbing. So when I get back to FL, I'll resub and help get this going. I just put in my thoughts on potential raid team members (in the recruitment forum) that I know are all interested in finding a group and am having them apply to the guild. Hope to see you all soon and today we rise again!


Heyo.  I'm not ready to jump back in but its really great to see Nova waking up from its hibernation.  Rest assured, when the urge to get back at it strikes me, I'll be with Nova.  Hope everyone is well!


Tuwanbe - Jedi Sage (60)
Exarpuun - Sith Marauder (60)
Torinn - Jedi Guardian (60)
Mozz - Scoundrel (60)
Mjade - Sith Assassin (60)
Vicarinatutu - Sniper (60)
Mozzmarr - Trooper (60)
Mozzerr - Mercenary (60)
Mozzar - Commando (60)
Cupcakekitty - Sith Juggernaut (60)
Mozzerblade - Jedi Sentinel (60)
Bonesaww - Bounty Hunter (60)
Mozzermarr - Sorcerer (60)
Mozz'er - Sith Juggernaut (60)
Mozzer'sling - Gunslinger (60)
Mozzill - Jedi Shadow (60)
Mozz'arella - Operative (60)
Get in there you big furry oaf, I don't care what you smell.

i have been lingering not on much but that is really a function that not many folks being around.  I am subbed and am here to support the guild.  I will be on some prepping a little for 5.0 and then on more after 5.0.  Looks like mercs might be something in 5.0.

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