The Leadership Of Nova is encouraging recruitment across all levels of experience and classes. Please refer potential members to an Officer. 

Even Superman has to be Clark Kent sometimes

I have some thoughts. I came up with a list of people I know willing to do HM and capable too. Just been waiting for you guys to come back to bring them together :P Also there are a few more that want to do HM but could use some work if we want to start a second team or use some backups

So far I know of these players for these roles:

Naga: Tank

Svet: Tank or Heals, Likely Tank (If we need her on Heals, I can pay for a lvl 60 token for her)

Darkthrone: DPS

James: DPS (Darkthrone knows him)

Keyrus: DPS (I'll pay for a lvl 60 token for him if we need him ASAP)

Ren: Heals

Me: Any role but likely Heals. Maybe DPS if we're short but we shouldn't be with this group.

I have a few more ideas like Crysteal, I think she's mainly Heals. Babicakes is a quick learner with a new PC so I'd see if we can get her in if we can. She's mainly Heals or Tank.

Side note: Naga is afk in game for a bit atm since he just had a loss in the family. I haven't talked to him yet about joining as a Tank but we'll see. I've talked to most of the rest here and am having them apply to the guild as I go.

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